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Reliburn Burn Dressing
Reliburn Burn Dressing

Reliburn Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm

€3.22 +VAT (€3.96)

In first aid training, we learn that cool fresh running water is the most effective method to treat a burn. However this means that the casualty must stay near the water source for some time which is not possible if hospital treatment is needed.

Trying to treat a burn on the head or face is not only difficult but can be dangerous, particularly with children if treated within a bath of cold water as hyperthermia could become a problem.

Reliburn is a burn dressing foam pad, soaked with Tea Tree Oil and a sterile water based gel and is suitable for 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns or scalds on any part of the body.

Reliburn gel impregnated burns dressings are used by professionals such as paramedics, hospitals and burns clinics to provide a protective cooling barrier providing immediate relief and preventing infection whilst stopping further burn damage.

Reliburn Features
  • 10 x 10cm sterile foam pad with special gel
  • Reduces risk of infection from contamination
  • Removes heat and reduces pain
  • Non irritant and non toxic
  • Safe for Adults AND children
  • Suitable for ALL types of burn

Moisturising the burn area, the burns dressing is saturated with a sterile water based gel which doesn't irritate the skin, doesn't contain any fats or greases and is non toxic.

The antiseptic soothing tea tree oil cools the skin thereby minimising trauma or continued tissue damage.

As the dressings are water soluble, they do not stick to the skin and can be removed easily with water or a saline solution without further pain or damage to the skin.

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