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Reliburn Burn Dressing
Reliburn Burn Dressing

Reliburn Burn Dressing 20cm x 20cm

€4.37 +VAT (€5.38)

The most common burn accidents for older adults are from flame or scalding, lighting fires, bathing or falling asleep while smoking.

Scalding from the Latin word calidus, meaning hot is caused by hot liquids or gases such as steam coming into contact with the skin. Scalds commonly occur from exposure to high temperature tap water in baths or showers or spilled hot drinks.

Reliburn burns dressings can provide immediate pain relief for all types of burns.

Reliburn is a burn dressing foam pad soaked with Tea Tree Oil and a sterile water based gel and is suitable for 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree burns or scalds on any part of the body.

The dressing efficiently covers the whole burn area but also allows for expansion due to swelling or for bending joints such as at the elbow. Compact and individually packaged, the sterile dressings are convenient to carry in a first aid kit.

Reliburn Features
  • 20cm x 20cm sterile foam pad with hydrogel
  • Reduces risk of infection from contamination
  • Dissipates heat and reduces pain
  • Non irritant and non toxic
  • Suitable for all types of burn
  • Safe for Children and adults

Reliburn will not stick to the wound, but the dressings are easily removed for inspection or further treatment of the injured area. The gel leaves no residue and is water soluble meaning it can easily be removed with water.

This 20cm x 20cm dressing is suitable for medium size areas such as burns to the wrist, arm, leg or face. Multiple dressings can be used to cover larger areas.

The reliburn dressing helps the burn area to remain moist for many hours.

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