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Reliburn Burn hydrogel
Reliburn Burn hydrogel

Reliburn Gel Bottle 125ml

€4.57 +VAT (€5.62)

This easy to apply burn gel comes in a convenient 125Ml plastic bottle and can easily fit in your first aid kit. Being prepared to treat for burns is a sensible idea as accidents involving hot water scalding, fireworks or even sunburn are commonplace.

Reliburn gel provides instant pain relief as it cools and comforts whilst helping prevent infection.

Reliburn burn gel can be used on all types of burns as needed.

Reliburn gel is a hydrogel based liquid with Tea Tree oil.

Reliburn Features
  • 125ml bottle of burn gel
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat
  • Cover burn completely to reduce pain
  • Non irritant and non toxic
  • Cooling and Soothing

Fact: Infants and children up to the ages of two are most frequently admitted for emergency burn care in a hospital than all other ages. The kitchen is the most frequent area in the home where burn injuries occur for children.

Reliburns unique cooling action helps to minimise the depth of injury by stopping the burn progression.

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