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Reliburn Burn hydrogel
Reliburn Burn hydrogel

Reliburn Gel Sachet 3.5g

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Burns destroy skin and skin is responsible for controlling the amount of heat our bodies keep or lose and protects us from infection. Whilst minor burns on fingers and hands are usually not dangerous, burns involving even relatively small areas of skin can develop serious complications.

Any significant burn should be dealt with quickly and you should seek professional help such as a burns clinic or hospital. To help relieve the pain and stop infection or further damage Reliburn gel can be applied.

Reliburn hydrogel sachets are ideal for all minor burns. The burn sachets contain the same solution found in the reliburn dressings. When using reliburn pain relieving gel, gently apply a liberal amount to the injured area without rubbing it into the wound. The most effectively way to use the gel is to apply a thick layer over the burn area.

Reliburn Features
  • 3.5g Gel Sachet
  • Relieves pain quickly
  • Use on small burn areas
  • Non irritant and non toxic
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Cooling and Soothing

The gel is thick enough to help it stay on the wound site, making it easy to use and allowing the cooling action to be more effective.

Reliburn gel provides instant pain relief as it cools and comforts whilst helping prevent infection.

Reliburn gel is a hydrogel based liquid with its main active ingredient as Melaleuca Alt. or commonly known as Tea Tree Oil.

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