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......take a breath, focus your attention on the next vital question.


Do you know what to do if a family member, friend or work colleage is involved in a serious accident or emergency?


If the answer is NO, then let us help you prepare by learning first aid...

Welcome to First Aid Greece

At First Aid Greece we are dedicated to improving health and safety for all people in Greece by teaching the skills required to deal with emergency situations whenever and wherever they may occur:- in the workplace, at home, at sporting activities, traffic accidents in fact anywhere.

Do you know the average time it takes for emergency services to arrive after being called to an accident in Greece? 40 mins? 1 hr perhaps?

It's not surprising when every day we see ambulances delayed in traffic trying to get through. How long would it take to get help if you live or work in the more remote areas of Greece? What if your work colleage, friend or a loved one is seriously injured in an accident? Can you risk not learning what you need to know to dramatically improve the chances of survival and recovery from a serious accident. Click the links on the left to start learning first aid now!